Pirate ship treasure to be displayed at Union Station

By Matt Campbell - 

The grim yet compelling visage of the Jolly Roger will wave over Union Station, at least in spirit.

The booty of a real-life pirate ship — including precious coins that you can touch — will be the station’s next traveling exhibit and main summer attraction, officials announced Thursday.

“Real Pirates” displays the salvaged remains of the Whydah, a fearsome galley that ruled the Caribbean and Atlantic coast before she was vanquished in a storm off Cape Cod nearly 300 years ago.

”Everybody has a fascination with sunken treasure,” said Union Station CEO George Guastello. “Pirates transcend generations and captivate the imagination. Look at the movies. People love it.”

The exhibit, which will fill the gallery on the station’s lower level, features more than 200 objects including scads of gold and silver coins, cannons, swords and personal items that formed the world of a pirate ship in 1717. It will also include a replica of the actual ship that visitors may climb aboard.

And it was an impressive ship, square-rigged, three masted, 102 feet long and fitted with 18 cannon before the pirates added even more.

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