New insights into items from the Mary Rose

Mary Rose

By Stephen - ArchNews

Two major areas will provide new insights into items from Henry VIII’s Tudor warship by facing them against the interior of the ship itself at thenew £16.3 million Mary Rose Museum.

Speaking in a video update on the progress of the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard development, which is expected to be completed in 2012, Exhibition Co-Ordinator Nick Butterley revealed a series of tiny models being laid into cases in a separate storage area at the naval attraction.

The first area, on the ground floor, will be one of six galleries showing items by type and themes. The Context Gallery, on the two upper levels, will then position exhibits in the areas of the ship where they would originally have been found.

Craftsmen have had to rework some of the artefacts because of damage or decay, including saws and scalpels used in battle and by medics onboard the ship.

“We’re trying to make sure everything captures the eye and works together as a story,” said Butterley.

“It’ll be a real experience, not just the traditional one of looking at the showcases and reading the labels. You’ll feel like you’re immersed in the ship itself.”

Battleship Portsmouth Solent Mary Rose

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