First underwater museums in Africa to be built in Mombasa

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The National Museums of Kenya is in the process of setting up Africa’s first underwater museums to study marine life and shipwrecks in the coast region.

Archeological studies have already discovered over 35 ship wrecks in the Coastal line in the Indian Ocean which could be turned into underwater museums.

The museums, according to the experts, would not be like the normal museums with buildings but the old shipwrecks that shall be turned to attraction sites where visitors could visit and see them.

Head of Archaeology at the National Museum of Kenya Cesar Bita said because of the heavy costs of setting up the project, they had identified five shipwrecks that would be set up for a start before embarking on the others.

Speaking on the phone, he said study and excavation work for the three shipwrecks in Mombasa was complete with all the information gathers and expected the construction work to begin soon adding that the first museums will be ready after two years.

“Under water museums are not buildings but entails the development and preparations of shipwrecks that are underwater for people to be able to see,’’ he said.

He said the ships wrecks were spread all over Lamu, Mombasa, Malindi , Watamu and the South coast adding that each individual shipwreck would act as a Museum of its own.

Bita said experts would dive under the water and install information and clean the area to ensure safety measures are put in place for those who would tour the museums.

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