What lies beneath the sand ?

Beach in Lumsden North

By Kevin Higgins - Gander Beacon

The sea has always had a certain fascination, pulling those with an interest of finding out what lurks beneath its surface into its watery depths for an opportunity to see once-in-a-lifetime sea creatures, natural earthy formations, and man-made treasures that found their untimely, final resting place.

However, the sea has many other valuable treasures, both monetary and historically, that those travelling under its surface many never see or touch — and some are closer than one could imagine.

Rex Gibbons, who was the MHA St. John’s West from 1989-1997, found this out firsthand at the beginning of 2011, when he returned to his hometown of Lumsden to spend New Year’s with family and friends.

“I have a real interest in anything historical, so when I went out for the New Year’s weekend, my (second) cousin Andy Gibbons told me I had to go up to the (Lumsden North) beach and see something,” said Mr. Gibbons, who has a summer cottage in Lumsden, lives in St. John’s, and spends wintertime in Sun City Centre, Florida.

What the cousins saw were the wooden remains of two large boats uncovered by a strong windstorm on Dec. 24 that pulled, according to Mr. Gibbons, approximately 200 feet of sand away from the beach and back into the sea.



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