The first museum under the sea to open at Silba

From Croatian Times

The first museum under the sea in Croatia will open in Pocukmarak Bay off the shore of little Silba Island near Zadar.

Pocukmarak Bay is an area where a team of young experts led by Professor Zdenko Brusic from Zadar University has found a sarcophagus that may be 1,500 years old.

They discovered the stone sarcophagus and two covers last autumn.

The sarcophagus is the first indication of a Roman presence on the island. But considering the specific details on the covers, it is assumed they could also date back to late antiquity (fourth to sixth centuries AD).

The daily Slobodna Dalmacija has reported the team has started a second phase of research.

They are planning to prepare a location for the museum under the sea that will be available to all who can swim.

The area is easily accessible since the water there is only three meters deep and there is no need for diving equipment.

Zadar archaeologists are planning to clean the sarcophagus and to mark its location in order to make it available to all swimmers who want to see it.

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