Pirate shipwreck find by Bowtech

From Hydro International

Bowtech’s latest Surveyor-HD (high definition) and Surveyor—SD (standard definition) cameras coupled with LED lighting and portable splash proof HD, SD and sound recording system may have uncovered a lost piece of American/British history in the Irish Sea off the Welsh coast, a shipwreck thought to have belonged to a fleet of American sea raiders.

Deep Trek are a team of experienced subsea specialists in diving, submersibles, and deep water Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) for the offshore industries.

They have applied these technologies in the search for history for the first time.

DeepTrek filmed their search of the coastline near Holyhead, Wales, UK, for remnants of a shipwreck thought to have been a privateer ship on a mission from Benjamin Franklin to capture British sailors to exchange for American prisoners.




pirate shipwreck UK

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