Lake Baikal exploration revives memories of sunken treasure

Lake Baikal

From RIA - Novosti

As Russian scientists descend in mini-submarines to previously un-explored parts of Baikal, the world's deepest lake, national media have pointed to possible treasure finds including Imperial Russian gold and silver.

The expedition in the vast Siberian lake, which started on Tuesday and will run for two years, is focused on studies of the lake's unique ecosystem, but researchers have also said they will be looking for 'archeological artifacts'. 

Among the many 'artifacts' rumored to have disappeared into Baikal's depths are several sacks of gold, taken from the Imperial Russian reserves and carried across the ice by Admiral Alexander Kolchak's White forces fleeing the Bolsheviks in the winter of 1919-1920.

Some of the officers reportedly froze on the ice in 60 degrees of frost, and the treasure sunk when the thaws came. 

Although the Kolchak story is unproven, several other cases of lost treasure have been documented.



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