Russia offers Azerbaijan to conduct underwater archaeological work

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The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) offers Azerbaijan to conduct joint underwater archaeological work in the Caspian Sea, Director of the Archaeology and Ethnography Institute of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Mais Rahimov told Trend.

She said Russia is very interested in carrying out underwater excavations in the Caspian Sea. It is expected that cooperation in conducting the excavations will be discussed by the leadership of RAS and ANAS President Mahmud Kerimov.

Discussions may be held during the RAS leadership's visit to Baku to attend the upcoming forum on humanities.

A lot of money is required for underwater archaeological excavations in the Caspian Sea, Rahimov said.

According to the Institute director, there are no experts in underwater archeology in Azerbaijan to conduct excavations. Therefore, Azerbaijan may send its employees to Russia to gain experience.

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