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The Titanic shipwreck has generated a great deal of myths and legends. Some are humorous, and others chilling. But almost all of them suggest that the sinking of the ill-fated luxury liner was destined to be.

A builder trapped in the hull

Sinister rumors emerged while the liner was still under construction. According to one such rumor, the builder team could hear a repetitive tapping noise coming from the Titanic’s second bottom shortly before her completion. It was suggested one or several of the builders may have been trapped in the tank, which served as the inner bottom.

Was Titanic’s hull number anti-Catholic?

After the Titanic disaster, rumors began to spread that the ship’s hull number, 390904, was a secret code used by Irish Protestant builders to express their animosity toward the Roman Catholic Church. It was suggested that if handwritten on paper and viewed through a mirror, the number would read “No Pope.”

“Divine retribution” was not long in coming. The Titanic sank during her maiden voyage, following a fatal collision with an iceberg.

Prophetic dreams

Some of those who booked tickets for the Titanic’s maiden voyage are said to have cancelled their reservations at the last minute after foreseeing the wreck in their sleep.

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