Edmund Fitzgerald: 33 years and still a mystery

Edmund fitzgerald


By Gary Davis

Lincoln Tribune and other sources are reporting on the mysterious sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior. Their article, "Profile America: Edmund Fitzgerald Sinks," reminds us of the largest ship on the lake November 10, 1975, sinking only a few miles from safety in apparent cyclonic conditions. When the Edmund Fitzgerald went down she was carrying 26,000 tons of iron ore. 

The sinking of the ship is a mystery for several reasons. The ship was a state of the art vessel. Captain Earnest Mcsorley, a very experienced seaman, piloted the ship.

However, perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the tragedy was there was absolutely no communication. There was not an SOS or any sign of trouble; the ship just disappeared.

The anniversary has sparked a documentary by Mark Gumbinger who has chronicled 31 documentaries about Great Lakes' phenomenon.

His suggestions for the event include water hatches that were faulty and the long ship breaking in two from the weather. Further, the possibility of hitting an object or shoals followed by a quick sinking is examined.


Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald

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