RMS Titanic rare manuscript sells in UK

From Paul Fraser Collectibles

A lot of buzz surrounds rare manuscripts from RMS Titanic at the moment. Recent sales have included the auctioning of two important letters in Oceanside, New York, US, on March 2.

Now a UK auction house is following suit.

Included in its April 4 auction is a letter written by Charles Morgan. Mr Morgan was from Birkenhead, UK, and worked aboard Titanic. But, like 1,157 of his fellow passengers, Charles didn't survive the sinking.

His letter did, however. The note was among a cache of letters sent from RMS Titanic as she passed Queenstown in Ireland, today known as Cobh.

As with the two letters mentioned above, Morgan's note is scribed on Titanic-headed paper.

The note, written by 41-year-old Charles to his mother, is headed "April 11 near Queenstown". He writes: "We have had a nice run so far but have been terribly busy but it will be easier when we settle down."

"There are about 1000 passengers 1st 2nd 3rd which is not too many for a ship like this she is simply magnificent."
Tragically, Charles ends the letter with the words "Best love to everybody, Charlie ... Due back in Southampton 27th April."




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