Fishermen find plane wrecks

From the Jakarta Post

While sailing to catch fish, 10 fishermen discovered the remains of an aeroplane in waters around Thousand Islands on Friday. 

The fishermen were still being questioned as witnesses by the local police Friday. Police suspect the plane was a U.S. Navy battle plane manufactured in 1915. 

The beach patrol was still searching for other parts in the waters between Monyet Island and Tala Island. 

The patrol started diving at 10 a.m. They will take any additional remains to the nearby port before further investigation, said to beach patrol police chief Adj. Sr. Comr.


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  • Scott
    • 1. Scott On 30/01/2010
    This dose not look like a WWI aircraft to me.
    if it were it would have benn made of wood or some sort of thin lineing. pluse if it were it would have decayed by now. it is obviously a double engine aircraft, it could be a douglas c-47 by the looks of the frame. it most likly crshed somwhere between 1930-1980. But that is still cool

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