Truk Lagoon Preview

More than 69 ships were sunk during the Spring of 1944 during "Operation Hailstone" in retailiation for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. As a result, these massive cargo ships, battleships and airplanes appear frozen in time and now sport amazing growth and brilliantly-colored hard & soft corals. The history of this area is fascinating as each one of the ships sunk in the lagoon carry with it a unique story. Still intact are machine guns, land mines, armored tanks, cannons, torpedoes, missiles, ship artifacts, dishes, saki bottles, gas masks, and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Diving on these wrecks is so unique, it can't adequately be touched by video or photos yet, it inspires a feeling that consumes you as you dive and explore each of the ships. Truk Lagoon is a phenominal destination and one of the top wreck locations in the world.