Tennie and Laura Shipwreck Lake Michigan 2009

Tennie and Laura shipwreck in Lake Michigan, east of Port Washington, WI. Depth is 310 feet at the bottom. This is the first video of the wreck taken by divers. This video was taken in September 2009. Visibility here is not as good as many other Lake Michigan wrecks. There is a cloudiness in the water, especially near the bottom. We had been to this site in June 2009 and our friend Phil Patz died while we were trying to get a mooring line on this wreck. The whole ordeal was just terrible. This video is dedicated to Phil. We returned in September 2009 and successfully got a mooring line secured. Phil was always fun to have on dive trips and we all miss him very much. His loss is testament to the dangers of deep diving. The people I dive with and who appear in my videos often make this stuff look easy, but deep, decompression diving in ice-cold water is incredibly risky. If something happens, rescue is esentially impossible. Please be careful if you dive this or any other deep shipwreck.

Godspeed Phil. We miss you.