Reef and Wreck Fishing with Captain Al Lorenzetti

Reefs and Wrecks are biological communities. They are like oases where various types of sea-life finds refuge. They are unique ecological environments that harbor all types of creatures from the tiniest invertebrates to the largest predatory species. Fishing this type of structure can be very exciting. You never know what might attack your bait. Some spectacular underwater footage lets you see the various species that inhabit this structure in their natural environment.

In order to fish a reef or wreck, locating the best structure is critical. If you are not exactly on the piece, you are wasting you time. A good selection of electronic gear will greatly improve your fishing success. Using navigational equipment properly can put you on the mother-load of fish. In this video, an in-depth discussion of navigation devices and their use is covered. LORAN versus GPS and DGPS is a hot issue and this video puts the questions to rest. The functioning of sonar devices is explained in relation to the whole package of electronics and fishing success. This video really focuses upon this topic.

Anchoring properly and "fishing the piece" to its greatest potential is the most critical part of reef and wreck fishing. This video covers essential boat handling and maneuvering strategies that allow this type of structure to be fished most effectively. The use of buoy markers, depth-recorders, figuring wind, tide and drift, anchor setting, wreck anchors and anchor lifting systems are all discussed and demonstrated.

In the Northeast, blackfish are a prime target of the reef and wreck fishermen. Captain Al shows us some excellent fishing action shots while working one of his favorite wrecks. Terminal tackle and baits are discussed as well as fishing tactics that really score with these hard fighting fish.

Tackle is always an important part of any type of fishing. Captain Al shows his collection of favorite rods, reels, fishing lines and assorted gear that make the most of fishing reefs and wrecks.

Seabass are another favorite of the reef and wreck fishing crowd. Lots of good action with these scrappy and very attractive reef dwellers is captured in this video.

If an area does not have much natural structure then why not add it yourself? The construction of artificial reefs is really catching on in the fishing community. In this video, Tim and Al show the actual construction of an artificial reef. "Reef Balls" is a new technology in reef construction. Al discusses the nature of these man-made structures and their technical design. Excellent footage of their deployment by Air Force helicopters is shown as well as the insights of those involved in putting the project together.