new ship wreck marechal canrobert HD

Movie: Jerome ESPLA

Thursday May 31st, 2011 -- Communication : The « Maréchal CANROBERT » - a new identified and dived ship wreck off Marseilles -- France

After 2 years of long research on maps and then at sea, the Team Leader Florent M. LOCATELLI accompanied by 2 deep divers: the underwater filmmaker Jérôme ESPLA (Poisson Lune Prod) and Romain LHOSTE (Aqua Evolution) have dived for the first time ever and identified the wreck of the Maréchal CANROBERT steamer.
This success was only possible thanks to the never ending support of Philippe PEYRUSSE of Plongée Passion at La Ciotat and also the help of Thiéry DESMET support and safety diver.

On July 7th, 1892, at the end of a crossing between Bône and Marseilles, the ship is sunken, close to the Island of Planier, by the armoured battleship HOCHE (manoeuvring in squadron off Marseilles) in 8 minutes. 5 victims.

On a bottom depth of 108m, this steamer wreck of 75m length and 1210 barrels (Compagnie Générale Transatlantique) built in 1872 (Scott & Co - Greenock), launched in 1881 - rests in an astonishing state of conservation.
4 hours and 20 minutes long, this dive with Trimix mix gasses and eCCR rebreather has permitted a bottom time time of 30 minutes at 110 m of depth.
The wreck was registered at the DRASSM.