Diggin History #1 - Metal detecting an old Boy Scout camp in Chicago

3/30/08 A group of us from "TreasureNet" went out to this site last weekend. I have never been there before so I was excited to go!!! The place opened in our best guesses in the 20's and closed in the 60's. The foundations and fire pits are still there, but its all overgrown with trees and tall grass. I just started metal detecting on March 8th and so far I only went to tot lots and schools. I did find a 18kt mans wedding band on my 2nd hunt and a small 10kt gold earing, and $28 worth in clad coins. This was my first time on a group hunt and also my first time relic hunting. I had a blast, when I fund my first slide, I ran accross the field screaming like a little kid, the other guys got a kick out of it!!! For the first 50 sec its a slide show, then it goes into my video. enjoy