The Treasure Hunters - Episode 23

Diggin' in Virginia IV - Day 2, Part 2

In this episode, we finish out day 2 with a bang! By this time we have made it down to the grayish black clay that lies under the old corduroy road. Any Civil War relics coming out of this dirt have a pretty decent chance of being in great condition. You may hear a chainsaw in the background. That was the sound of the local museum cutting a cross section of the wooden road to rebuild in their Civil War display. There was some serious history preservation taking place at this dig. The fun didn't stop when the sun when down either. A bunch of treasure hunters exchanging hunt stories and rolling dice to divide the spoils of the day's relic hunt. You gotta love it!

Equipment: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P41 with 1GB Memory Stick, Whites Blue and Gray and Troy Custom Detectors Shadow X2
The following video blog was filmed in historic Virginia in November of 2005.
Subject: Treasure Hunting, Relic Hunting, Civil War, Metal Detecting