Surf North Sumatra

Located 33 miles off the west coast of North Sumatra in the special province of Aceh is the Banyak Islands. Its close proximity to the mainland allows for easy access to 1 of the finest surfing locations on the planet. With the newly opened airport in Singkil and speed boat transfers to the islands
It is now possible to be surfing on the same day you arrive in Indonesia

On Lolok Point in the Bay of Plenty amidst 6 hectares of tropical rainforest is the Banyak Island Lodge the first of its kind in the islands providing surfers and non-surfers alike with comfortable accommodation that sits right in front of a unique 3 wave setup.
Guests can virtually wake up and be surfing within minutes

The lodge is an exclusive 6 guest facility catering for those who want maximum surf time with all the comforts and freedom that only a land based operation can offer.

With several world class waves and a multitude of other fun waves in front and near the lodge, the scene is set for an unforgettable surf trip.

During the off season from nov-march the lodge will stay open for the eco-tourist who would like to witness the true beauty of Indonesia.