• 69 Phoenix 1000 Luxury Submarine, Yamaha Waverunner SuperJet

    The bigger sister to a fleet that includes the Triton 1000, the Discovery 1000, the 65' Nomad 1000, and the 118' Seattle 1000, The Phoenix 1000 boasts ...
  • Atlantis Hotel Aquarium

    ''A four-metre-long whale shark that was spotted by a local fisherman off the coast of Jebel Ali - United Arab Emirates, has been captured and moved to ...
  • Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

    Sea level rise.It's been the subject of myth, legend and pop culture for millennium. It is going to be one of the major destructive effects of global climate ...
  • EOSEAS, greenship concept

    Eoseas is a 305 meters long, 100 meters high and 60 meters wide five hulled ship. She gathers in one concept ship all the technical and environmental friendly ...
  • Netherlands taming the tides

    Over half of the world's population lives in coastal areas most at risk of the worst effects of climate change.
  • Ocean Food Collapse, Mother Earth Environment Issues

    This show focused on other serious issues regarding our environment and ecosystems, although we are going through a time of transformation and more people ...
  • Saving Sea Lions

    Off Alaska's coast, new research shows how entangling fishing gear and trash cause devastating consequences for Steller sea lions.
  • The Shaky Future of the Salton Sea

    A former desert oasis faces environmental challenges, a water crisis and someday the Big One. Why we can't let the sun go down on the Salton Sea.