New shipwreck discoveries hearken back to War of 1812

From Jordan Press Whig

Kenn Feigelman and his team of underwater filmmakers planned to spend the summer documenting on film all the known wrecks in the waters around Kingston. They also hoped to find a new wreck. 

They didn't expect to find four old ships, including one that likely hasn't been seen for nearly 200 years, along with a debris field of other ships near the city. 

One wreck was previously found then lost. The wreck, a large hulk sitting on the bottom of the lake, is believed to be HMS Montreal, a Kingstonbuilt ship that was scuttled after the War of 1812, said Feigelman, who runs DeepQuest2 Expeditions. 

"This isn't just Kingston history, this is North American history," Feigelman said, referring to the warships his crew stumbled upon. 

"We're not saying we found them for the first time, but it's a discovery for sure."

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  • Kingstondivepro
    • 1. Kingstondivepro On 22/08/2008
    There is not one of these purported 'discoveries' that is new. All have been previously reported and recorded by Parks Canada's Underwater Archaeology Team and other entities. The sensational nature of this report - occasioned by an individual's hyperbole - is doing the cause of protection and preservation of important historical sites no good at all. Excitable commentary by ill-informed reporters is positively counter-productive to the quiet, but effective efforts of real research and conservation bodies.

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