Divers locate wreck of battleship sunk on way to Malta

The Roma hit !

From The Times of Malta

Divers have located the wreck of an Italian battleship which was sunk by German bombs while it was on its way to Malta to surrender in the Second World War.

The Roma, which was the flagship of the Italian fleet, was sunk on September 9, 1943 by two 'glider' bombs. The wreckage was located off Sardinia after a search lasting several years, the Italian Navy said.

It is in a depth of some 1,000 metres about 16 miles off the coast of Sardinia.

Admiral Carlo Bergamini and 1,352 crewmen died when the battleship was sunk. It was the Italian Navy's most modern battleship having been launched in June 1942.

The ship formed part of the Vittorio Veneto class, heavily armed with nine 15 inch calibre guns.

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