Dive team searches for cannon another shot in Detroit River

By Elisha Anderson - Freep

The Detroit Police Department’s dive team plans to be back at it today – trying to locate an elusive cannon as part of a training exercise.

Divers dealt with poor visibility earlier this month when they tried to find the cannon dating back more than 200 years in the Detroit River. It’s expected to measure at least six feet in length and weigh 1,200 pounds.

“It was a little disappointing two weeks ago,” Detroit Police Sgt. Dean Rademaker said this morning.

He initially found the cannon covered in zebra mussels in July after spotting a silhouette on top of the sand. He dived for it two weeks ago and will dive again today.

The cannon is located about 200 feet off the seawall near Cobo Center.

Visibility in the water two weeks ago was about 3-inches and under the water was dark, he said.

“Basically everything was being done by feel,’ Rademaker said.

Today visibility appears to be about 2-feet. The dive team plans to use GPS to get to the basic location, then will mark it off will a buoy and move the cannon closer to the seawall with a Detroit police boat.

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