Family members sail to Sydney gravesite

From the Sydney Morning Herald


Almost 300 family members of the crew of the ill-fated HMAS Sydney are heading for the wreck site for a commemoration service.

Services will be held across Australia on Wednesday to mark the 67th anniversary of its sinking.

HMAS Manoora sailed from Geraldton on Tuesday afternoon on an emotional 19-hour journey to Sydney's grave site, 207km north-west of Geraldton, off WA's midwest.

Accompanied by the guided missile frigate HMAS Sydney, the fourth ship to carry the name, more than 280 family members are to take part in an on-board service beginning about 9.30am on Wednesday.

It will be the first opportunity for families to commemorate the anniversary of the ship's sinking on November 19, 1941, while knowing where their loved ones rest.




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