Centaur plaque to mark seabed graves

By Tuck Thompson - Courier Mail

A plaque bearing personal messages from relatives, descendants and friends will be lowered to the seabed beside AHS Centaur, discovered last month off Moreton Island.

On Thursday or Friday, searchers will begin the second phase of their search for Centaur's resting place using a remote-controlled camera that will transmit the first pictures of the vessel in 66 years.

Shipwreck hunter David L. Mearns and the crew of the Seahorse Spirit discovered the Centaur on December 20 about 50km off the southern tip of Moreton Island.

When Mr Mearns returns to the site, the high-definition camera will video the wreck and the surrounding area.

The camera will not probe the interior of the ship, which rests at a depth of 2059m.

Centaur has already been declared a war grave for 268 non-combatants who died in May, 1943 when the Centaur was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.

Mr Mearns, pictured, has said the Centaur's markings, including large red crosses, a green stripe and 47 marking, should be clearly visible.


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