New quest for 'Indiana' of the deep

Mensun Bound

By Philip Ewig

Mensun Bound, the Oxford archaeologist dubbed by colleagues Indiana Jones of the Deep, is gunning for the Tower of London on his latest sea-faring expedition.

The Oxford researcher is returning to investigate an Elizabethan ship that sank off the Channel Islands, which has given up an array of treasures including muskets, swords and body armour from the age of Drake.

But now he is aiming to deliver one of the great cannons from the wreck to the Tower of London, along with other finds and artefacts.

The ship sank off Alderney in 1592 and is considered to be the most important Tudor find since the Mary Rose.

It was carrying munitions and dispatches from Elizabeth I's greatest minister, Lord Burghley, to an English army in France.

Many of the finds from the wreck are on display at the museum in Alderney. But one of the great cannons and other pieces are to go on temporary exhibition in the Tower of London, once England's greatest arsenal and manufacturer of military equipment.


Channel Islands

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