Shipwreck may be left on seabed

From News Scotman

The government hinted last night it would prefer to see the wreck of HMS Victory – predecessor to Nelson's famous flagship – left in the English Channel following its apparent discovery this month with nearly £700,000 of gold on board.

English Heritage has been asked to advise on preserving the ship where it lies.

And some comments on this short article:

- Over here we call that Horse Hockey. You need BILLIONS, and so you're going to leave 1 Billion on the bottom of the ocean, because school children can buy their own robot if they want to see cannon's from the HMS Victory ? ... Sorry, I fell out of my chair because I was laughing too too hard.

- Folks, I understand the sanctity of an underwater military grave and value the opinion of those who oppose retrieving the Victory's artifacts as well as its treasure.

However, as a student of history, I am certain that many more people on both sides of the Atlantic would prefer that the precise reason for the sinking and loss of 1150 men be known at long last. Already we have learned that the captain was apparently not to blame.

I cannot afford to buy a piece of the treasure and that isn't my interest. It would be nice also to bring "home" the remains of those lost and give them a proper burial, perhaps even trace remains to living persons today if sufficient DNA material remains.

Sorry to disagree with the government.

OMEX warship HMS Victory Channel Islands

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