Fishing trip leads to real treasure

By Richard Charan

James Jagroop spent five hours casting his line into the waters off the Mosquito Creek, La Romaine, hoping to hook a big one for a fish broth to go with the rum lime.

He snared not one fish. But took home the catch of a lifetime-a sword, still in its wooden scabbard, encrusted in barnacles hiding the secret of its maker.

The Chaguaramas Military History and AeroSpace Museum investigated the the origin of the treasure. But just as mysterious is how the sword came to rest on the shallow seabed not 50 feet from the coastal road at the creek.

One suggestion is that the sword may have been part of a deep sea shipwreck, but was snared by a net dragged by a trawler and deposited closer to shore, where shrimping boats also trawling waters brought it to within reach of Jagroop's hook.

That the sword ended up being caught is also an apparent one-in-a-million chance event. But all Jagroop, a building contractor from Princes Town, wants to know, is how much his treasure is worth.




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