Divers find wreck of the Glenelg which vanished 109 years ago

By David Edwards - Herald Sun

One of Victoria's worst maritime tragedies might finally be explained - even if it has come a tad late.
A team of divers found a century-old shipwreck in Bass Strait on Sunday which is believed to be the 135-foot iron steamer Glenelg.

The Glenelg vanished in 1900 during a routine run along the Victorian coast from Bairnsdale to Melbourne. Only three people survived the tragedy which left 31 people dead, but an inquiry never explained what caused the ship to sink.

Now, 109 years later, the Glenelg mystery may finally be solved.

The Southern Ocean Exploration diving team spent four hours searching for the wreck on Sunday and were just about to pack when they struck gold.

The divers recovered a plate from the shipwreck to confirm the wreck's identity, and the location and dimensions of the ship suggest it is the Glenelg.

Southern Ocean Exploration group leader Mark Ryan said the discovery could answer some century-old questions about one of Victoria's worst maritime tragedies.

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