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Odyssey Marine Exploration (O.M.E) announced today that it has found the HMS Victory, believed to be one of Britain's greatest historic shipwrecks and potentially an estimated value of one billion dollars for four tons of gold.

Featured in the fourth episode of Discovery Channel's world premiere original series TREASURE QUEST, to air in the U.S. on Thursday, February 5 at 10PM EST/PST, viewers will witness first-hand how each artifact and piece of evidence leads OME to this resounding conclusion.

In the UK, viewers can tune in to a two-part special TREASURE QUEST: Victory Special beginning Sunday, February 8 at 9PM GMT.

"Discovery has a nearly 25-year history of documenting exploration as it unfolds and our series TREASURE QUEST is the latest example of being at the forefront of the action," said John Ford, President and General Manager of Discovery Channel.

"This ongoing series provides viewers with the perfect blend of adventure, knowledge and edge of your seat excitement. Being able to follow OME as they search the ocean floor for shipwrecks is a thrill ride each week."

As reported by Odyssey Marine Exploration, they discovered and solved in 2008 one of the world's most enduring naval mysteries.

In 1744, HMS Victory, the direct predecessor to Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, was the largest and most sophisticated warship in the world.

This first-rate, three-decked man-of-war is the only ship lost with a complete consignment of 110 bronze cannon, including colossal 42-pounders, the biggest guns in the world and the ultimate naval deterrent.

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