Pembrokeshire shipwreck chart

Jim Hedley Phillips

From Milford Mercury

Over the centuries the Pembrokeshire coast has been the graveyard of countless shipwrecks, either in fierce storms or the as a result of bad navigation.

For the last 40 years Jim Hedley Phillips, of Derwen Fawr, Swansea, has been researching Pembrokeshire shipwrecks and has recently put together an updated Pembrokeshire Shipwreck chart, the most comprehensive chart for this area ever produced.

Jim, a well-known shipwreck researcher and diver has more than 2,400 dives under his belt.

Off the Pembrokeshire and Gower coast he has found more than 40 undiscovered shipwrecks. Within his first year of diving Jim discovered two sunken vessels off Pembrokeshire.

His shipwreck chart shows more than 200 wrecks with vessel names, dates and even cargo, some of them not published before.

One of Jim’s most popular stories is about a dive to the SS Langton Grange wreck.

It yielded 76 bottles of red wine which Jim drank freely before discovering they were worth around £1,500 each.