Herbo lays claim to another wreck

Herbert Humphreys - Shipwreck treasure hunter

By Norma Connolly

Treasure hunter and former owner of the Holiday Inn in Cayman, Herbert Humphreys has laid claim to what he says is a historically important wreck in international waters.

Captain Humphreys, known as Herbo, said he had found the wreck of a wood–hulled paddle wheel steamship that sank in the 19th Century with a large loss of life.

He said that because a documentary and feature film about the shipwreck and its recovery are planned, he could not reveal the name or location of the wreck at the moment.

“We can’t say anything more about the wreck or where it is until everything is documented and the salvage completed,” said Capt. Humphreys, who is a resident of both Cayman and Memphis, Tennessee.

He said the wreck was “mostly intact, very valuable, and is not a warship. It is in international waters and is less than 500 feet deep, which makes for an affordable recovery.”




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