Storms uncover shipwreck

 By Rachel Thomson - The Daily World

Washaway Beach, the sandy area between North Cove and Tokeland that is infamous for rapid erosion that causes whole houses to tumble into the ocean, now has a second reason for fame.

Coastal storms in late December and early January have unearthed the remnants of a shipwreck.

The large wooden piece, measuring close to 100 feet in length, contains dozens of iron spikes jutting out of the sand, just south of Warrenton Cannery Road.

“When I heard about it, I high-tailed it down fast and took a look,” said Don Pickinpaugh, who owns some property nearby.

Pickinpaugh is one of dozens of people over the past several days who have been coming to the beach to get a look at what may be a portion of the freighter ship, Canadian Exporter, according to Rex Martin, executive director of the Westport Maritime Museum.

Martin said museum employees heard about the sighting of the piece from beachgoers and went to take pictures.

Based on its location, Martin said the piece is likely part of the freighter that wrecked at the mouth of Willapa Harbor in August of 1921, while en route to Portland from Vancouver, B.C. to complete loading some lumber bound for Asia.

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