Shipwreck mystery surfaces

The wreck at of an unidentified boat at Long Beach in Sandy Bay, uncovered by recent storms

By Charles Waterhouse - The Mercury

A mysterious ship wreck has emerged again from its sandy grave at Long Beach in Sandy Bay.

Recent stormy seas and winds this week exposed the rotting wooden hull of the vessel the identity of which remains unknown.

Elizabeth Bondfield, maritime heritage co-ordinator at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum of Tasmania, said stormy weather sometimes removed enough sand to bring buried treasures, such as the wreck, to the surface.

The wreck last made news in April 2006 when theMercury reported it was protruding from its sandy home.

Ms Bondfield said while photographing wrecks was encouraged it was important people did not touch shipwrecks because often sand protected them so future generations could learn about them.

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