New attraction to boost the diving sector

From Cayman Net News

The Ministry of Tourism and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA) have signed an agreement that will see the acquisition of USS Kittiwave, a decommissioned naval ship.

The ship will be used to create an exciting site attraction and artificial reef while providing much desired relief for some of the frequently visited dive sites, the Government Information Services (GIS) said last week.

Tourism Minister Hon Charles Clifford and Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon signed on behalf of the Ministry while President Steve Broadbelt and Secretary Bud Johnson signed for the CITA.

Minister Clifford said the acquisition of the Kittiwake would add diversity to Cayman’s diving attractions and promote the preservation of marine life.

“This ship fits Cayman’s positioning as a dive destination,” he said. “Our seafaring heritage, our strong interest in presenting varied tourism offerings and our belief in preserving the environment, all played a major role in the decision to acquire this latest diving attraction.”

He further noted that shipwrecks are a great interest to divers worldwide, providing both exciting sites for diving, and allowing persons to explore a naval heritage through studying vessels from bygone eras.



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