Culmore wreck could be ancient find

Culmore wreck

From Derry Journal

Local sailors may have found the remains of an ancient boat near the Foyle riverbank.

The remains of the boat, which are partially submerged in mud flats, were discovered by members of Culmore Yacht Club on the west bank of the Foyle near Culmore Point.

Local archaeology enthusiasts from Templemore Archaeology have investigated the find and believe it could date at least to Siege of Derry in 1689.

Ian Leitch of Templemore Archaeology said the boat, which is made up of large oak timbers, it was too early in the investigation to confirm the age of the find with any certainty. “It could possibly date to the 17th century but much further investigation of the wreck is needed,” he added.

Mr Leitch added that the wreck, which measures around 30 feet in length, is only visible at low tide.

He added: “Templemore Archaeology would like to thank members of Culmore Yacht Club for reporting the find to us.

“We believe it could be a highly significant find and could even be much older than initial estimates. Hopefully we can establish exactly when it dates from and how significant it may be in the near future,” he added.

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