Zwaanendael Museum to explore shipwreck

From The Cape Gazette

The Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck and DeBraak, two of the more than 200 shipwrecks that have littered the floors of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay off Lewes, will be explored in the program Zwaanendael Shipwreck Archaeology which will take place from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday, May 29, at the Zwaanendael Museum, 102 Kings Highway, Lewes.

In addition to historical information and a display of artifacts recovered from the two shipwrecks, Zwaanendael Shipwreck Archaeology will include a hands-on activity which will help children better understand the science of archaeology by finding, analyzing and researching, or drawing artifacts.

The program will also feature a demonstration of stipple drawing by Sharyn Murray, a Millsboro, Delaware artist and Zwaanendael Museum historical interpreter.

Stippling creates an image through the use of small dots of a single color of pigment, applied with a pen or brush. HMB DeBraak was a British naval vessel that sank in the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Henlopen in 1798.

The ship was raised, and badly damaged, during a commercial salvage operation in 1986.

The Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs (HCA) has curated the remains of the ship’s hull and its contents since they were acquired by the state of Delaware in 1992.





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