Titanic is getting its own amusement park ride in 2018

Titanic by 20th Century Fox

By Stephanie Webber - US Weekly

Buckle up…and never let go! A ride inspired by the famous 1912 Titanic shipwreck is set to launch at an amusement park in 2018.

Variety reports that Twentieth Century Fox is building the structure for a Dubai resort, and the studio is also developing attractions based on TV shows and films such as Sons of Anarchy, Planet of the Apes, and Aliens.

It will reportedly cost $850 million.

"This will build a tremendous amount of fan engagement with these brands," Jeffrey Godsick, president of Fox Consumer Products, said in a statement. "There are strong merchandising opportunities and it will allow us to connect with our audiences on an ongoing basis."

Some are already putting in their two cents. Critics specifically took to Twitter to talk about the new Titanic ride, and are still scratching their heads.

"How the hell will they make a 'Titanic' theme park ? What will be the rides ? A fluke ride of sliding down the tipped boat?" one commenter tweeted on Thursday, Nov. 5. A second added: "They do know lots of people died on the Titanic, don't they ?"

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