Shackleton whisky to be analysed at Invergordon

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Three bottles of Mackinlays whisky which accompanied Ernest Shackleton on his 1907 Antarctic expedition are being returned to brand owner Whyte and Mackay for scientific analysis.

Whisky which accompanied explorer Ernest Shackleton and his crew to the Antarctic in the 1900s is to be analysed at a Highlands distillery.

The scotch was buried beneath a hut used during their unsuccessful expedition to reach the South Pole.

Five cases were dug up last year and included Mackinlay whisky, a brand owned by Glasgow distiller Whyte and Mackay.

One of the bottles will undergo tests at the firm's Invergordon distillery.

Master blender Richard Paterson will spend up to six weeks analysing, nosing, tasting and "deconstructing" the whisky.

He said: "This is unbelievable. It is like liquid gold.

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Antarctica whisky

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