New law to monitor the salvaging of wrecks in the Bahamas

By Yasmin Popescu - The Freeport News

Hearing about pirates of long ago some assume that they no longer exist.

But, The Bahamas recently worked on laws to fight piracy which would mean that we are at possible risk.

And while some feel that the thought of treasure maps and seeking treasures in our waters are as far fetched as the finding of Atlantis, we may find ourselves in for a bit of a shock.

The Bahamas' very history tells of ships that sank off its shores laden with gold and silver headed to the old world, even right off the shores of Grand Bahama.

The only Bahamian Archeologist, Michael Pateman recently spoke to the Rotary Club of Lucaya about the Antiquities Act and its importance to the country, at which time he also told of pirates who have been in our waters attempting to bring up treasure and removing it from the country unnoticed.

Pateman noted that in the past persons would come into the country asking for permission to salvage wrecks, on which they would find many items which would leave the country without anything coming to the country.


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