Looting of a sunken Spanish galleon in Bahamas


From Bahamas Press

Bahamas Press is following at this hour the arrest of an American who resides in Freeport. We can tell you guest was arrested in the Walker’s Cay area in the Northern Bahamas a few days ago.

Alex Gardiner we are told by investigators was taken into custody for treasure hunting.

Early investigations tell us the accused had come across sunken treasures discovered at the bottom of the sea in a Spanish galleon in the area.

Reports allege the American began salvaging and looting the wreck; shipping the items into foreign territory.

We are told there was no formal notice made to the Government of the Bahamas for the excavations nor was there any license granted for such.

No communication of his arrest or the discovery of the vessels has been announced by the Ingraham government, but meetings with the King of Spain we believe could soon find new happiness around the table.

The vessels we are told by historians when sunk was been laden with gold and artifacts with a value into the Billions if traded on the world market today.

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