Land, sea, air, this car runs everywhere

James Bond car

By Jayesh Limaye - Techtree

Remember that car in the 1977 James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me, which could run on land and also in water, well, the one this article is about, can even fly.

The Halo Intersceptor can do it all, except of course, going underwater. This car can change into a speedboat, a helicopter or simply jet across the highway full throttle whenever you want, how you want.

Quite possibly, this could be the answer to all our transport woes, (or it could possibly create more problems depending on the driver).

The brainchild of British designer Phil Pauley, this concept sports car comes with attachments which allows it to float like a boat on water or fly like a helicopter or jet when that mode is selected.

The designer has laid emphasis on the fact that the Halo Intersceptor should not be viewed as another flying car, but rather as a plane, helicopter, boat and car all combined into one.

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