Big lake still holds mysteries of deep

By Tony Walter


It's agreed that the lake bottom holds the remains of dozens of vessels that challenged lake storms and lost. With each shipwreck, myth and lore add to the reputation of Lake Michigan as a recreational resource not to be trifled with.

Death's Door off the tip of Door County got its name for a reason.

Kevin Cullen, an archaeology associate for Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin in Milwaukee, recently speculated on what he called the "Lake Michigan Triangle," a 3,750-square-mile section of the lake that goes from Manitowoc to Benton Harbor, Mich., to Ludington, Mich., and back to Manitowoc.

Cullen cited the disappearance of a freighter, a Northwest Airlines plane, and one freighter captain within that triangle over the past century that he said could have natural or supernatural causes, depending on one's bent for mystery and mythology.



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