Waverley paddle steamer is a national treasure

Waverley paddle steamer

By Cat Harvey - Daily Record

Ever since I was little. I’ve loved going on boats. CalMac are like high-tech fighter jets to me. While planes, trains and automobiles make me travel sick, choppy seas are just a wild adventure to be overcome.

There’s something hypnotic about staring into the horizon or watching the wake of a ship.

Through work I was asked to report on not one but two sea adventures in as many days and I’ve returned ship-shape and ready to share.

My first voyage was on the Waverley, the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world. She is a charity and lovingly cared for by professionals and a team of volunteers in the preservation society.

This boat is a national treasure. You can sit on deck and watch the Clyde coastline.

Downstairs you can marvel at the immaculately cared-for pistons pounding away, or if you’re like my pals, you can head to the dancing where you’ll find a band in full swing with a packed floor by 10.30am.

It truly is the best day out in Scotland.

My love of the Waverley is not a secret.

Only a year ago I shared the tale of my new best mates, the Possil Fossils, a group of pensioners with cheeky banter and more zest than a crate of lemons.

This year, along with some feisty golden oldies, there was a hen do all dressed as pirates and a group of pals from Dunoon, who got on board dressed as the entire cast of the Wizard of Oz.

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