Shipwreck victims spend 25 days drifting in an icebox

Ice box drifters

From SMH


Two Burmese men who say they spent 25 days adrift at sea in a large esky after their vessel sank off Indonesia must have survived strong winds and possibly thunderstorms, the pilot who rescued them says.

Helicopter pilot Terry Gadenne said Cyclone Charlotte was active in the Gulf of Carpentaria during the time the men were to the north in a large fishing esky.

"The week before (the rescue) was really rough, strong winds feeding into the cyclone in the gulf, and a lot of heavy rain," Mr Gadenne told Fairfax Radio.

"In the days just prior to the rescue it was fairly hot and some isolated thunderstorms.

"It was a really hot time, and if they were in the sun they would have been in dire straits."




Indonesia wreck

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