Not so buried treasure


By Gilly Pickup


Somewhere beneath the tranquil surface of this remote archipelago nestling in the Indian Ocean lies a fortune in gold and precious stones.

The story goes that French pirate Olivier le Vasseur buried a hoard of treasure here in the 1700s.

Rather disappointingly for would-be fortune hunters though, he went to the gallows with an extraordinary show of bravado and his lips firmly sealed as to its exact whereabouts...

...but besides fearsome skull-and-crossbone pirates and bloody battles for the islands’ bountiful treasures, there is no denying the Seychelles, 115 of the oldest oceanic islands on earth, does ‘different’ rather well.

For starters, think Jellyfish trees, the planet’s heaviest tortoise and the Coco-de-Mer palm which produces the largest seed in the world.


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