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James Cameron has released the footage of his solo dive to the deepest point in the world's oceans. The world-famous director said he had visited “another planet” – desolate, foreboding and moon-like – and it felt a bit lonely.

My feeling was one of complete isolation from all of humanity,” he said after returning from the Pacific Ocean’s deepest point, where he traveled alone in a specially designed submarine.

The acclaimed film producer and director, who has created a number of astonishing worlds for millions of viewers all over the world, was amazed by what he saw in the Mariana Trench, even though the view was not nearly as picturesque as his movie-realities.

There had to be a moment where I just stopped, and took it in, and said, ‘This is where I am; I’m at the bottom of the ocean, the deepest place on Earth. What does that mean ?’” Cameron said after spending three hours at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, nearly seven miles below the surface.

I just sat there looking out the window, looking at this barren, desolate lunar plain, appreciating it,” Cameron confessed.

Perhaps the only disappointment for the film director was that he did not see any strange deepwater creatures. All those he did encounter were small, but voracious shrimp-like critters not bigger than an inch (2.5 centimeters) in length. 

Cameron says next time he’ll bring “bait” – like chicken. 

There was also one technical malfunction. Just as Cameron was about to collect his first samples of rocks and critters, a leak in the hydraulic fluid sprayed into the water, rendering it impossible to bring anything back. 

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