Avatar director James Cameron heads to bottom of the Marianas Trench


From gCaptain

Avatar, Titanic, & The Abyss director James Cameron’s newest plan is to charge down to the bottom of the 35,800-foot-deep Marianas Trench near Guam.

The only people who have ever been to the bottom of the Marianas Trench are Jacques Piccard and US Navy Captain Don Walsh. 

They chilled on the bottom for 20 minutes, saw a flounder and a shrimp and not much else as their vessel kicked up a ton of silt from the bottom.

The first expedition to the bottom of the Marianas Trench took 5 hours of descending to reach the bottom. James plans on reaching the bottom in 90 minutes.

James has already tested his submarine in a nearby trench and he went 5.1 miles down. He was blown away by the jellyfish, tube worms, and sea anemones he saw. That dive was the deepest solo submarine dive ever.

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