Guardia Civil seize 19 ancient ceramic vases

From the Euro Weekly Group

Guardia civil officers from the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) have discovered and seized 19 amphorae dating from the first and second centuries AD. Two Spanish men, aged 60 and 55, were arrested and accused of being in possession of archaeological remains.

In late October, the Guardia Civil began to suspect a local diver may be in possession of a collection of amphorae which they believed could have been taken from the Bou Ferrer, a Roman shipwreck found in the neighboring waters of Villajoyosa in March 2001.

Further investigation lead to local antiques dealers, and it was discovered that a single man had an important collection of amphorae, many of which had indeed come from the shipwreck.

The officers searched several properties and finally found the 19 amphorae just before the defendants tried to move them to a safer place to hide them, or possibly even destroy them so no trace of them could be found.

The 19 amphorae have now been taken to the Museo Arqueologico Provincial de Alicante.


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