Treasure hunters testing new tool to explore the ocean's depths

Sub for salvaging

By Tim Goff - wcsh6

The crew of a Maine based ocean surveying and salvage company is testing out a new submarine they have built to explore the depths of the ocean.

Sub Sea Research has made a claim on a shipwreck found 50 miles off the coast of Cape Cod.

The only problem is the ship, the Port Nicholson, lies nearly 700 feet below the ocean's surface. Manager Greg Brooks says the ship was a cargo vessel sunk by a German U-boat during World War II that was loaded with platinum, industrial grade diamonds and possibly gold. He estimates the value of the cargo in the ship at $3 to $5 billion.

"We have found a lot of shipwrecks," said Brooks. "We have recovered some things. We have made some money here and there, nothing like we are talking about out here."

To assist in their salvage operation, the crew bought a submarine and have spent the past two months customizing it and preparing it for the deep water mission.

"Of course we have never put a submarine together, so it was quite a chore," admitted Brooks. "We have got it together now and she is just about ready to go out to the site."


Cape Cod platinum submarine treasure hunter

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